This artistic project as a whole is committed to exploring the volume in stained glass. This volumetric research associates other materials and techniques (blown glass, engraving on glass and metal). Four pieces are to date made in collaboration with the stained glass craftsman Catherine Aoustin: Sculpture ‘Déracinement’, including wooden stained glass window in view of migration in Europe; The Mother-Woman series, combined with a stained glass window and a sculpture. Together they tell a story of liberation in which the duality of MOTHER WOMAN reveals itself and pushes the limits of the technique of traditional stained glass to create a three-dimensional work. The fourth, a sculpture is in progress.
We discover an intimate family scene, where the mother nurses in the presence of the protective father. When the mother takes her autonomy, becomes free, she becomes a sculpture decomposed in bust and face. Thus the mother-woman duality is unveiled. Recentaly was rewarded with the prize of Environnemental Art in the historical exhibition of Salon d’Automne in Paris.

Technique: drawing in mixed media on paper, sketch paper for stained glass, three-dimensional models of earth and cardboard, welding of pieces of glass and sheets of copper.

My research on the subject of maternity is at the origin of the project FEMME MERE, and can be viewed on the site. These drawings, due to their structure with ink, lend themselves well to an adaptation in stained glass, the ink being translated intuitively in welding.

To develop an artistic perspective around the working methodology, a photographic documentation accompanies the project with Christine Noel and myself.

Extract of a film by Camille Lannier and the Salon d’Automne exhibition with my interview

Extract of a film by Thibault Lepeuve and Les Amis de Salon d’Automne

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