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France, since 2011

 EMBROIDERED MEMORIES, is a process of artistic creation, artisanal production and exhibition in the heart of sustainable development!

What about ? Embroidered Memories is an art project on the theme of collective memory and migration, identity, sharing, and cultural diversity. Interdisciplinary project, it uses the tools of art, decorative art and design as design languages.

Art works The five artworks represents a family of objects, expressing different states of immigrant life: travel, souvenirs, economic difficulties, maintaining integrity while adapting, the dissimilarities between the homeland and the adoptive land.

Experimental production model This creative adventure is centered around an experimental model of collective circular production between an artist, designer and architect (Tal Waldman – Talva Design), a group of Parisian artisans. From the design, object creation has emerged in a collaborative approach to the production. The production works is based on up-cycling of objects and thus is part of sustainability context and  circular economy.

Photos, text and soundtrack In order to enrich the project, highlight its human dimension and document ideas, the creative process and meetings, a series of photographs and texts has been associated to the works. The photographic work of Thomas Bremond captured the essence of creation and production, precision gestures during labor. Journalist Anne-Sophie Pellerin has created a series of interviews which form the basis for a soundtrack and writing texts about the history of the artistic project. The 7min30 of soundtrack is created by Tal Waldman with the help of the jazz musician Amy Gamlen.

Team Ten people participated in this artistic project: Tal Waldman (Talva design), designer and artist behind the project, Jennyfer Moret, couture embroiderer; Romain Maldague, cabinet maker and restorer of antique furniture; Hubert Kerléo, cabinetmaker; Philippe Moreau, upholsterer; Pascal Frisa, cabinetmaker; Alain Nimsgern, upholsterer and Christine Bruckner, ceramist; Thomas Bremond, photographer; Anne-Sophie Pellerin, journalist.

Embroidered memory / Some facts and figures:

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39 days online collection
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Embroidered memory reaches 100 % in Kiss Kiss Bank Bank

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Press: Hand / Eye magazine , blogs Wiithaa and Jovoto
An international journal in English Hand-Eye magazine
A French blog on sustainability and upcycling
An international blog based in Germany, an international platform for creators and investors

2 exhibitions scheduled from 2015 to 2016 in two museums in France
1 partner, the association Création Engagée


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