France 2009-10

Talva Design contest winner of the JULES PANSU – VILLE DE PARIS prize,
April 2009: A contemporary look at Jaquard tapestry

The Jules Pansu Institution in partnership with the City of Paris launched a competition in January 2009 for the creation of a decorative tapestry, whose objective is to provide a contemporary look at tapestry to enhance the variety of related technical know-how. Tal Waldman (Talva Design) won first prize with “The Garden of Creation” or “The Garden of Tal”.

The winning project was manufactured by Weaves Lys ( Pansu Group), the ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’. It is commercialy published since 2009.
The tapestry was exposed in the ‘Ateliers de Paris’ during the ‘Designer’s Days’ in June 2009.

Inspiration: The absolute creation, the creation of life merges with the mythologies of a garden, the Garden of Eden and the garden as a pagan place of creation and life. A personal mythology is created: “The Garden of Tal. »
In the center of the garden, there is a cave, mysterious, dark and unknown, the uterus the creator. It is a symbol of the mystery of birth and creation, represented by a mother and her child.
In the garden, mother nature is crowned with flowers.
The mother is leaving the garden with a baby in her arms, a personal reference to leaving the Garden of Eden.
Traditionally, tapestry reveals secrets, messages, mythologies, stories. It seemed natural to offer a personal interpretation at once an intimate, universal and timeless theme.

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