Open Eye Février 2021 – “Tal Waldman visualise the invisible”

A new article by François Beauxis Aussalet for the online photography magazine on my artistic creation process and the use of photography

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This week my new designs for the Out and Wet 2020 collections launched with W&D in an amazing new virtual museum. The new virtual kingdom!

A memory of home:

Confinement touched us all, closed in our spaces our mind kept on traveling before slowly withdrawing and finding quiet. Passed experiences emerged in images, colours, fractions of memories.

Different places in which we felt at home, various moments in which we felt marvelled. One of these memories is behind this design, a memory of a beautiful field in bloom with my loved ones around. Spots of colours and shades, translated into a graphical game of surfaces, textures and lines.

The top design, in vivid colours of day time, while the bottom design with less materialized colours, and sharper lights of an evening time.

The mountains of my childhood:

We all recently were confined in our houses and brutally were reminded of the most important values of our lives. This period brought me back to this naïve like drawing of the mountains. The colourful and warm palette, the handmade sketch brings back a childhood simplicity and joy. Yet, it stays clean and elegant and does not suggest a childlike illustration but rather a dream like open landscape.


In the Bush

I leave in Paris, as many cities in the world it is dense, polluted and lacking nature. Our environment is something we all share, and a green environment, rich in natural vegetation can ensures a rich biodiversity, reduces air pollution, reduce noise, cool down the air, turn our lives in the city more sustainable, agreeable and healthy. Aspiring to more sustainable cities, I transported my impression of the wood to the collection. If it can’t always be the trees themselves, let it be their poetic memory on our façade.

Study Nature, love Nature, stay close to Nature. It will never fail you.” –  Frank Lloyd Wright, architect.

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In 2008 I created this design for W&D as part of my Big New Brand collection…

Today, 13 years later it became one of the iconic designs of the mark, it’s nice to still see it passing in the social media as if was only created!

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Past realisations in paper for Cheval Blanc LVMH (via N+CO agency)

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A new article in a great blog- The Culturium, about my work in chapter 9 of our ongoing collaborative research “Visualizing the Invisible” Thank you Paula Marvelly!


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Thank you to Paula Marvelly from the Culturium for this publication from mai 3 2020!


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In(2)Visible ongoing Research

Making transparent our collaborative way of ART MAKING and ART SHARING, we are two artists separated by geographical distance, committed to documenting our year long RESEARCH on ART and MINDFULNESS. Exposing our most intimate observations, our mission is to VISUALIZE THE INVISIBLE through a JOURNEY INTO SILENCE.

Blog :

Facebook page :

Instagram page : in2.visible

Our documented research in its raw vulnerable journal-like shape, highlights the PROCESS and opens to a dynamic conversation rather than a final product. Our BLOG invites you into our journey through alternating insights and artwork by Paris-based artist TAL WALDMAN and American artist FIONA MOREHOUSE.

In FEBRUARY / MARCH: I started GENIUS LOCI (8 chapters) / Searching for the invisible essence of the mountains, the genius loci, I practice repetitive drawings of the same situations while exercising patient observation. Meanwhile Fiona is Seeking in TAP ROOT  to illuminate the essence of the inner landscape,and guidance from the trees.
In APRIL / MAY : (6 chapters)Entering the tragic period of confinement du to the Covid19 pandemic, I sense the need to structure the research by examining common qualities of art making and inner work; turning to SACRED SYMBOLS. MeanwhileFiona : EXPOSURE (3 chapters) / Through immersive nature studies, a passageway between worlds is discovered.
In MAY / JUNE : In COLOURS VIBRATORY RELATIONSHIP (8 chapters) , the strong ‘Tree of life’ symbol bring me to put aside the form and concentrate on simultaneous contrast between pairs of colours, examining their interaction to each other and to me. Meanwhile Fiona is reconnecting with the theme of ‘As Above, So Below’, to Alchemy with the 3 essentials of the universe

…….And the research continue……..

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THE GROOVERS, MY FAVOURITE PERFUME, ANIMA MUNDI…and many others drawings for the new collection of Wall&Déco


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Textile and rugs

Glass, wood, paper, metal, ceramics….or…air, wood, metal, earth 🙂

porcelaine and clay,

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