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Making transparent our collaborative way of ART MAKING and ART SHARING, we are two artists separated by geographical distance, committed to documenting our year long RESEARCH on ART and MINDFULNESS. Exposing our most intimate observations, our mission is to VISUALIZE THE INVISIBLE through a JOURNEY INTO SILENCE.

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Our documented research in its raw vulnerable journal-like shape, highlights the PROCESS and opens to a dynamic conversation rather than a final product. Our BLOG invites you into our journey through alternating insights and artwork by Paris-based artist TAL WALDMAN and American artist FIONA MOREHOUSE.

In FEBRUARY / MARCH: I started GENIUS LOCI (8 chapters) / Searching for the invisible essence of the mountains, the genius loci, I practice repetitive drawings of the same situations while exercising patient observation. Meanwhile Fiona is Seeking in TAP ROOT  to illuminate the essence of the inner landscape,and guidance from the trees.
In APRIL / MAY : (6 chapters)Entering the tragic period of confinement du to the Covid19 pandemic, I sense the need to structure the research by examining common qualities of art making and inner work; turning to SACRED SYMBOLS. MeanwhileFiona : EXPOSURE (3 chapters) / Through immersive nature studies, a passageway between worlds is discovered.
In MAY / JUNE : In COLOURS VIBRATORY RELATIONSHIP (8 chapters) , the strong ‘Tree of life’ symbol bring me to put aside the form and concentrate on simultaneous contrast between pairs of colours, examining their interaction to each other and to me. Meanwhile Fiona is reconnecting with the theme of ‘As Above, So Below’, to Alchemy with the 3 essentials of the universe

…….And the research continue……..

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