CHANCE DIRECTED TAL WALDMAN EXHIBITIONby François Beauxis-AussaletIn Biarritz,”The Résidence Galerie welcomes plastic artist Tal Waldman as part of her personal exhibition “Hasard Dirigé”, from April 30 to May 26. Tal Waldman is a polymorphic artist but her common thread remains the drawing. She has lived and studied art, architecture and mindfulness on several continents. His artistic creation focuses on experimentation with different media, bodily gestures and states of consciousness. She explores themes such as collective memory, identity and mindfulness. Winner of several awards, she exhibits internationally in salons, museums and galleries. This dreamlike series of small and medium-sized drawings explores the relationship between chaos and order, highlighting a process of “directed chance” in my gestures, between control and letting go. A movement that questions the place of chance and the subconscious as a tool of creation. The final design is woven into both unpredictable subconscious actions and controlled actions in a new order with possible new relationships between the two forces. Inspired by the spiritual dimension of determinism, kinesthetic calligraphy and stochastic art, the boundaries between the sacred and the secular are explored using intuitive and symbolic language. The use of gold refers to the sacred arts of enlightenment and my past studies of miniature painting in India. “

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