In this festive atmosphere, please note my coming collective exhibition to start the year with ‘A KIND OF MAGIC’!
Between the 18/1 to 15/2 2020- at the Memoirs of the future gallery Paris.
I will exhibit 5 of my “Directed Randomness” works, (a taste for those who missed my last larger exhibition).

Exhibition vol 2, exploring the territories, whether physical or mental, linked to the human need of understanding our environment, and seek answers to the fundamental questions about the infinity and spirit.
with me, Collectif Sansraison / Couli art / Rosalyn Driscoll / Luz Fandino / Margarete Kiss / Fiona Morehouse / Zoe Grindea

Photo : projet Hasard Dirigé
As above so below, 2019
mix media sur papier

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