Does chance exist? As in a dream in which order and chaos intertwine, Tal Waldman explores in this exhibition of drawings these intertwining, highlighting the process of “Directed Randomness” that questions the place of chance and the subconscious as a creative tool. Chance as a formal point of departure for the experimentation of the reactions between colors, pigments and water, to then seek awareness to the rythem water dries, with an innovative drying technique that becomes a drawing tool in the final composition. A bit like the ‘frottage’ created by Max Ernst, Tal Waldman develops in her  drawing techniques allowing her to reach the random to reach the dream. The final drawing consists of both unpredictable subconscious gestures and controlled actions in a new order, with possible new relations between the two forces.
Tal Waldman works with sensitivity and poetry, her intuitive and symbolic language is inspired by determinism, kinesthetic calligraphy and stochastic art. Between sacred and profane, her drawings question the origin, ours. In this dance of infinite intertwining, wer are invited to a dreamlike journey into the act of creating, between preparation and chance, between order and chaos. The artist adds, through the use of gold reference to the sacred arts she studied in India, a spiritual and symbolic dimension. HASARD DIRIGÉ (DIRECTED RANDOMNESS), an exhibition that invites us to delve into our relationship to the universe through intimate and mysterious works. Are you ready to travel in Tal Waldman’s imagination?
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