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Dear contributors, it’s time to take care of your rewards … and we do! A little more patience

I just returned from Jerusalem with new embroideries … and here’s a beautiful piece from Palestine


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Embroidered memory / Some facts and figures:
Collecting funds on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank:
39 days online collection
39 donors
€ 3,500 or 100%
154 people LIKE
Embroidered Memories Page on Face Book
478 people LIKE
The 117 shares / information regularly engaged on the project
58.321 people saw the project
Articles in the press: the magazine Hand / Eye, the blog and blog Wiithaa and Jovoto
2 shows scheduled from 2014 to 2016 in two museums in France
1 partner association Création Engagée

and tonight we party at the workshop Romain!


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Hooray! 100% is reached ! But it’s not finished yet!

Thank you our dear contributors for your support , encouragement and comments!

Thank you very much Yael & Pini, Pylones , Galw , Muriel Ilous , Annie Blaise , Mr M , Grouka , Sabeth , Cheli , Olivier Flahault , Yaffa Fried, Chipsy.perez , Susie Vickery, Sonnenberg , Palayer Paule Friendland , Mezcla , Cunegonde , Ysha , meg meg , Yogakatie , elapidot , Crysinchina , Hondelatte , Avoneb , Mr Voineau.c , phisosophie , Isabella , Noga ceramics , Keren , Yongur , ramy , Arielle333 , Ecaja , Ceecylee , Bruinov Nir Portal architects , Amy Gamlen and Guy Eliav .

Thank you very much Cecile Tevet , Miriam and Gouttas Messaoud Kheniche and association Création Engagée for your help!

I’ll keep you informed of the result ( rewards , exhibitions … ) from November.


I want to remind you that the collection continues until 19:38 tonight and your contributions are welcome, we can and we want to surpass the 100% ! Thank you .



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Tomorrow is the last day for our fond collection, we miss € 340 to achieve our goal, any volunteers among you?

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The piece “Between Two Lands” questions the dissimilarities between the land of birth and adoptive land. It toggles between two states. It is in a state of observation. The centerpiece in natural fiber is restored and embroidered with the wheel of life. Philippe, Jennyfer and I searched how to replace or restore the fiber with a semi- transparent structure. The delivery was long and difficult. I developed three projects before I stopped on the current concept.

The structure is still being worked on by a cabinetmaker and an extraordinary carpenter, Pascal Frisa. Work is in finishing.


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It is time to introduce the newest member of the team, the fabulous photographer Thomas Bremond. He began his career in journalism.  His first mission was with rebels in Niger. Since, Thomas has worked in cinema.

In the project he helps to enrich the human dimension, so central to this adventure. The challenge is to deepen the understanding by witnessing and documenting the gestures of work by the team. Calling to return to the soul of the project, man.

Thomas interpreted this reflection by a sentence when I presented him with the concept “You know Tal, people in the West, and particularly in Paris, do not want to be photographed, but they want to be beautiful in the pictures. I seek the soul of the person in my photo not his beauty. This is what I could reach in the most precarious situations, and I have been missing since. Maybe thanks to “Embroidered Memories”, by a real research, by natural gesture of creative work, we could grasp the soul, even in Paris “.


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«The Worker “refers to the economic suffering and insecurity associated with immigration. Thus, the piece is fragile. It consists of a lamp and a working surface traditionally for handwork. The lamp is marked by a dramatic gesture and continuous embroidery covers the entire electric circuit, from the bulb to the socket.

It is also a result of an encounter with contemporary cabinetmaker Hubert Kerléo, who recently went on a walk near his studio, in the woods, to search for broken branches of wood and test them as legs….

In parallel Jennyfer and Philippe advance together on the innovative aspect that is the use of embroidery in the manufacture of a lamp; integrating by that structure, esthetics and function. We are now in finishing.

6 more days to the end of this crowdfunding!…………………………………………………….










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A French blog on sustainability and upcycling:

An international blog based in Germany, an international platform for creators and investors:


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photo by Thomas Bremond


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