France 2006 – 2009

The project maternity overlaps art, design and space disciplines and explores the theme of motherhood. This series is made up of three parts. Part 1, a series of icons is presented here.
Interview – 5 minutes emission Radio JFP in 21jan2008

Parte 1 , icons :
Pre- maternity is a space of ideas, images, symbols, collective ideals, and the sublimation of motherhood. My choice is directed to painting as the most personal and free medium . The result is a series of icons (30x30cm) exposed in January 2008 and 2009 in Paris. I wanted to deal with motherhood within the meaning of ultimate creation, essential and spiritual, beyond any cultural barriers and differences. This is why this research became an iconographic exercise of the collective consciousness of motherhood and is inspired by many cultural references, including German Expressionism, Russian Orthodoxy, Japanese art and more. I have chosen, for example, the icons of Jesus and Mary as the ideal, cultural and ethical Symbol of motherhood. I personalize this sublimation of motherhood with my story, without breaking the recognizable aesthetic icons.

Exhibitions for part 1: April 2007 ‘Contemporary Art Market ‘Bastille, and in January 2008  at the Claude Kelman gallery in Paris. In the second part of this exhibition I was interviewed by Radio JFP on  January 21st 2008, enjoy listening (5 minutes)!

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