What is Crowd funding? Social media websites that allow people to donate small amounts of money that adds up to fund valuable larger projects. In our case, believe with us in our project and values and help us achieve 3500€ by the end of the next 22 days. It’s all or nothing, and YES, we can do it with your help!

Why helping?
The primary motivations for donating are
Sympathy: contributing to friends and family, friends of friends, a community.
Empathy: helping others achieve their goals, contribute to the common good and social change and participating in a story while in process.
Identity: supporting likeminded people and be a part of a community that supports similar values, interests, ideas or cause.
Happiness: simply because you find contributing fun, or you like contribute to crowd funding.
Interest: Getting a reward or a share in the project
“Social revolution”: Be a part of an alternative way to fund cultural productions which is in a way a “social revolution” and an alternative to more traditional institutional forms of cultural funding; to my opinion a more democratic, sharing, responsible way of living.

I hope you can identify with one of those groups, please learn about the project and contribute. It’s rewarding, simple and discreet. 


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