It is time to introduce the newest member of the team, the fabulous photographer Thomas Bremond. He began his career in journalism.  His first mission was with rebels in Niger. Since, Thomas has worked in cinema.

In the project he helps to enrich the human dimension, so central to this adventure. The challenge is to deepen the understanding by witnessing and documenting the gestures of work by the team. Calling to return to the soul of the project, man.

Thomas interpreted this reflection by a sentence when I presented him with the concept “You know Tal, people in the West, and particularly in Paris, do not want to be photographed, but they want to be beautiful in the pictures. I seek the soul of the person in my photo not his beauty. This is what I could reach in the most precarious situations, and I have been missing since. Maybe thanks to “Embroidered Memories”, by a real research, by natural gesture of creative work, we could grasp the soul, even in Paris “.


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