France, 2008-11

This project overlaps art, design and space on the theme of motherhood and is in 3 parts. Part 2 : The Series «digital Fresco ” are large vertical panels printed in a limited edition signed and numbered edited by Plage Artist Series is presented here .

The zero point, childbirth, a time of transition from abstract to concrete, a moment of intense emotion creates an intersection, a space of consciousness. I chose to decline series 1 of this project into vertical black ink compositions, using my design patterns and my architectural plan into  autobiographical ‘ icons ‘ of ” digital Fresco ” with large vertical panels printed in a limited edition signed, numbered and edited by Beach Artist Series .

Inspirations :
‘Nativity ‘ is a free and personal interpretation of the work ‘Birth ‘ by Max Beckmann (1937), a German expressionist. I made the intimate scene avoiding all the characters in Beckmann. ‘Birth is the birth of a baby but also the birth of a woman, a mother. I looked at the woman in his two statements, reclining woman, sensual and naked, and mother first, covered with the child.

‘Mother of Tenderness is inspired by several works of expressionist prints and paintings on the mother and  child by Heinrich Nauen , Emil Nolde and Max Pechstein Herman . The intimate scene describes breastfeeding. The gesture of protection and love between mother and child is accented with a net graphic expression.

‘Family Portrait ‘ is inspired by a woodcut of Herman Max Pechstein and African sculpture of mother and child. It is a familiar and intimate scene of a family father mother and child in a room. The mother with the father is part of the scene.
‘Madonna is a free autobiographical interpretation inspired by numerous portraits and Russian Byzantine icons of the Virgin. The Mother with a child in her arms looks stoically to infinity, a look which perpetuates this moment of intimacy and makes it collective and spiritual.

Series 1 + 2:
April 2007 Contemporary Art Bastille market (see Maternity Project part 1: Icons )
January 2008, the Benoit Frachon gallery in Paris. (see also part 1 Maternity Project : Icons )
June to August 2009, Installation exposed in the Church of the Madeleine, A part of the biennial «The steles of creation” (see Project Maternity part 2 : Exhibition at the Church of the Madeleine) .

Series 2 – Plage catalog:
December 2007: Exhibition at the Hermitage Hotel Ghent Lille
2008-2011 at Maison & Objet.


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